CORE Hollow V2 Scooter Wheel – 110mm – Pink/Blue (set of Two)


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  • Diameters: 110mm
  • Durometer: 88A
  • Core: Hollowcore with Concave Profile
  • Bearings: ABEC 9


  • Aluminium, Polyurethane

The second instalment of wheels from CORE. These V2 Hollow stunt scooter wheels features a completely new re-designed concave aluminium CORE to reduce weight and improve speed.

Now you know you’re getting a good hollow core wheel when buying CORE! Hollow Core Stunt Scooter Wheels are hugely popular with riders looking to reduce the weight of their scooter.  These wheels (as the name suggests) have a hollow centre instead of a traditional solid centre without compromising on strength. The CORE Wheels come in a super grippy 88a compound which is perfect for both street and park riding.