It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions that will apply before you enter The Shred House (the Skatepark),

as it is a condition of using the Skatepark that you are in agreement with and will abide by the following Terms and Conditions

otherwise membership and use of the Skatepark may be withdrawn.


It is a condition of entry to the Skatepark that these Terms and Conditions must be read and signed by you before you will be allowed entry to the Skatepark.

In the event that you are under 16 years of age these Terms and Conditions must be signed by your parent or legal guardian who must be present with you at the Skatepark.


If your parent or legal guardian is unable to attend at the Skatepark with you, you MUST have the consent of a parent or guardian, who should sign a Consent Form

which must be presented by you before you will be allowed entry to the Skatepark.


You will at all times during your visit to the Skatepark be subject to these Terms and Conditions which may be subject to alteration

or amendment by the Management from time to time without notice.

I accept and agree that:-


1. Only registered paying customers are permitted to use this facility.

2. Before entering the skatepark i have acknowledged the skatepark rules and etiquette.

3. Extreme wheeled sports can be dangerous and can result in injury, always Scoot Skate and Ride within your own ability.

4. I understand that whilst using the Skatepark I should wear full protective equipment at all times including: helmet, knee and elbow pads, footwear, wrist-guards or glove

    protection as appropriate and as advised by the Management from time to time. ALL Scooter Riders and INLINE SKATERS must wear helmets at all times. All under 18’s

    MUST wear helmets at all times.

5. My equipment is fit for purpose. I understand that this may be checked by members of staff before entry to the Skatepark.

6. I recognise the high risk of injury involved in the various activities undertaken in the Skatepark and that I participate at my own risk.

7. In their structural state ramps pose no risk to a user’s health & safety, however misuse, abuse or inability to use the apparatus may result in injury or loss and should

    only be used for its intended purpose.

8. In the event of an accident involving myself I will report it to a member of staff immediately.

9. The Skatepark operates on session times and that my entry is allocated to the session block in which I arrive. If I am late, I understand that I must still pay the full

    session price.

10. Refunds for sessions will not be given, unless the session is cancelled by the Skatepark.

11. Management reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke membership at any time and to change the terms and conditions of entry.

12. I will follow the instructions of members of staff or any volunteers at all times. Management reserve the right to eject anyone from the Skatepark at any time.

13. Staff (including volunteers) may request that I cease using a particular facility to enable others to do so.

14. The Skatepark has a zero tolerance policy on abusive behaviour of any kind towards members of staff and that I will be ejected from the Skatepark in this event and be

      refused re-admission in the future.

15. I must always be aware and respectful of fellow patrons, staff and volunteers.

16. Abusive, discourteous or anti-social behaviour in or around the Skatepark will not be tolerated

17. Bullying or violence of any kind is strictly forbidden.

18. Alcohol must not be consumed at the Skatepark except when expressly permitted by Management (over 18’s only). Anybody deemed to be intoxicated may be refused

      entry to the Skatepark.

19. Drug use or possession will not be tolerated. Theft from the Skatepark or its patrons will not be tolerated. Smoking will not be tolerated anywhere in the Skatepark

20. The Shred House does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of your belongings.

21. Any food or drink not purchased on site is to be consumed only in the designated areas. I understand that if I spill any liquids or food this must be reported to a member

      of staff to be cleaned.

22. I will use the waste bins provided to dispose of my litter and rubbish I will not eat food, or drink on the ramps.

23. Littering, vandalism or unauthorised graffiti will not be tolerated in or around the Skatepark

24. I will be responsible for the replacement of any equipment that I may damage due to misuse.

25. I give The Shred House permission to photograph or film me as either as a participant in a group of players or as a winner of an event, competition or as a spectator in

      the Skatepark or at an event held at the Skatepark. I agree that the photos and or video collected by the Skatepark may be used for promotional use by the Skatepark.




I am in good health and that I consider myself capable of taking part in the activities at the Skatepark. I understand that, in the event of my suffering any illness or accident at

the Skatepark members of staff can administer any necessary treatment to me which may include the use of anaesthetics.

I also consent to being transported to hospital in another persons vehicles and to being driven to hospital if the situation becomes extreme and unavoidable.

In the event of the foregoing I accept that the Skatepark shall not be held liable for any acts, omissions or adverse results of any medical treatment administered to me by their members of staff.